The Partition of Ireland
Sandra Millsopp  Instead of talking about the events of 1920-21, Dr James Dingley took a much longer view of the factors which he considered did much to differentiate north-east Ulster from other parts of Ireland.
Bangor Courthouse: history and restoration
Sandra Millsopp  Robert Lyle and Alison Gordon from Open House gave the November talk which described the history and restoration of the 1866 Belfast Bank building, which later became Bangor Courthouse.
Samuel Davidson
Sandra Millsopp  The inventor and founder of the world-famous Sirocco engineering works in Belfast was the subject of a talk delivered to the Society by Eric Woods.
Crawfordsburn Country Club remembered
Peter Croft   The Life & Times of Crawfordsburn Country Club - Peter Croft's history of the little building which provided the local community with a venue for table tennis, badminton, fancy dress dances, formal dinners with interesting speakers and had no less than three ghosts!
Hot off the Press: Biography of WG Lyttle 1844-1896
Ellen Elder  In the grounds of Bangor Abbey you will find a memorial plinth erected by friends of Wesley Greenhill Lyttle, author of Betsy Gray . His great grandson,Tony Lyttle, has written a biography, WG Lyttle, The Storyteller , detailing the life and times of this multi-talented man.
Fair Winds
Ellen Elder  Ships' figureheads were carved in the form of people, beasts or mythological figures in keeping with the spirit or name of the ship.
Refurbishment of Bangor Abbey
Sandra Millsopp  Members visited Bangor Abbey to see the recent refurbishment work to which the society had made a modest financial contribution.
Setting sail to the Copelands
Ian Wilson  A boat trip to the Copeland Islands on the Ocean Crest , skippered of course by Brian Meharg MBE.
Bangor Courthouse visit
Sandra Millsopp  The courthouse on Quay Street, erected in 1866 by the Belfast Banking Company, was visited as part of the programme of summer visits for members.
Visit to Bangor Castle
Dr Sandra Millsopp  The Society resumed on July 1 when Leanne Briggs from North Down Museum gave a guided tour of the exterior of Bangor Castle.
Bangor Hotels of the late 19th Century (9)
Dr Sandra Millsopp  High Street is still the main home of Bangor’s public houses and another one which existed in the nineteenth century was the International Hotel .
The Betsy Gray Cafe
Ian Wilson  Near Six Road Ends there is a cafe named after Betsy Gray who, according to a very strong local legend, followed her boyfriend Willie Boal to the Battle of Ballynahinch in June 1798.
About Bangor Historical Society
Between September and April of each year we run a programme of regular Lectures and Visits on aspects of History, Folklore, Archaeology and Antiquities with a special reference to our local area of Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland.

Members and visitors are very welcome to attend our meetings which begin at 8pm on the second Thursday of each month.
Photo Feature
Seaside Revival Panels
Open House Festival has placed blow-ups of old photos and postcards on the hoardings round the major works being undertaken by NI Water at the foot of Stricklandís Glen and on Brompton Road.
 Annual Report 2019
The Society's Annual Report & Accounts for 2019 can be downloaded here.
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