Through the Lockdown: contributed articles of local and regional interest
HMT Lancastria (and other connections) HMT Lancastria (and other connections)
Andrew Jaggers
The 80th anniversary of the sinking of the Cunard liner, HMT Lancastria , reckoned to be Britain's worst ever maritime disaster, falls on the 17th June 2020.

Ahoy the Beagle! Ahoy the Beagle!
Ellen Elder
HMS Beagle has been located in the Essex mudflats. What's the local historical connection with this ship?

Bangor Memories in the Northern Ireland War Memorial Bangor Memories in the Northern Ireland War Memorial
Michael Burns (Project Co-ordinator of Oral History Projects at NIWM)
The Northern Ireland War Memorial's oral history projects seek to capture the memories and stories of those local people who fought and lived through the Second World War in Northern Ireland and include a number of stories local to Bangor.

The Glen Yard The Glen Yard
Ian Wilson
Walk past the foot of Strickland’s Glen towards Carnalea and you will clearly see the remains of a slipway beside which Arthur Clapham carried on boat-building from the 1930s till about 1960.

Shipbuilding at Ballyholme Shipbuilding at Ballyholme
Betty Armstrong
Betty Armstrong looks at the history of boatbuilding ventures in Ballyholme.

Captain STS Lecky, Master Mariner, Commander RNR, FRAS, FRGS Captain STS Lecky, Master Mariner, Commander RNR, FRAS, FRGS
Andrew Jaggers
The life and times of an Ulsterman whose name became extremely well known among seafarers, both naval and merchant, around the world.

Sounds of a Belfast Childhood Sounds of a Belfast Childhood
Ellen Elder
John Betjeman once said "Childhood is measured out by sounds, smells and sights before the dark age of reason grows" .

The unlikely event The unlikely event
Ronnie McClements
A remarkable chain of coincidences.

Ballymacormick Point Ballymacormick Point
Ian Wilson
The random thoughts of a walker.

75th Anniversary of VE Day (8 May 2020)
Remembrance Day Reminiscences Remembrance Day Reminiscences
Ellen Elder
As the 75th anniversary of VE Day approaches, I thought I would tell you about attending Remembrance Day services in two very different places.

War Legacy War Legacy
Ellen Elder
Certain wartime habits are in my genes, like saving bits of string and brown paper bags, and thinking that half an ounce of butter is much too extravagant to put on two slices of toast.

Books on Local History
Cover of Neills of Bangor Neills of Bangor
Ian Wilson & Andrew Jaggers

News & Features
Cover of The Early Days of TV in the UK The Early Days of TV in the UK
Report by Sandra Millsopp
A night of nostalgia at Bangor Historical Society as Ivor Edgar spoke about the early days of television.

Cover of Sir John Newell Jordan: From Balloo to Beijing Sir John Newell Jordan: From Balloo to Beijing
Report by Sandra Millsopp
The life of Sir John Newell Jordan and the new display of his collection in the North Down Museum.

Cover of Bangor Football Club Bangor Football Club
Report by Sandra Millsopp
Peter Vanucci on the history of the local football club, formed on 7 September 1918.

Cover of Bangor's cotton mills; the Chambers Motor Company Bangor's cotton mills; the Chambers Motor Company
Report by Sandra Millsopp
Dr Sandra Millsopp on Bangor's cotton mills and Adrianne Brown on the Chambers Motor Company (1904-1929).

Cover of The Story of George McBride and Winifred Carney The Story of George McBride and Winifred Carney
Report by Sandra Millsopp
George had served in the Battle of the Somme, while his wife, Winnie Carney had been the secretary of James Connolly in 1916.

Cover of The Ward Family of North Down The Ward Family of North Down
Report by Sandra Millsopp
Leanne Briggs of North Down Museum gave an illustrated talk on the families who lived in Bangor Castle.

Cover of Titanic's Bangor connection Titanic's Bangor connection
Report by Ian Wilson
Dr John Martin on the life and tragic death on the RMS Titanic of his great-uncle,the ship's assistant surgeon Dr John Simpson.

Cover of Lilian Bland, Pioneer Ulster Aviator Lilian Bland, Pioneer Ulster Aviator
Report by Ian Wilson
Guy Warner's astonishing story of Lilian Bland, the first woman in the world to design, build and fly an aeroplane.

About Bangor Historical Society
Between September and April of each year we run a programme of regular Lectures and Visits on aspects of History, Folklore, Archaeology and Antiquities with a special reference to our local area of Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland.

Members and visitors are very welcome to attend our meetings which begin at 8pm on the second Thursday of each month.

All meetings and outings have been cancelled until further notice.
 A History of the World in 100 Objects
Neil MacGregor's series is being repeated every day on Radio 4 at 1.45 pm. The repeats began last week but you can catch up on the episodes you have missed here on the BBC website.

Joyce Gibson says: They will keep you gainfully occupied. They are marvellous! I listened avidly a few years ago when these really interesting lectures were first broadcast. I enjoyed them so much that I spent several days at the British Museum with a friend, searching for the objects described. We were both so excited! Those were the days!
 NIWM Oral History Project
Michael Burns of the Northern Ireland War Memorial Oral History Project The War and Me, would be interested in hearing of stories from the war years if any of our members would like to contact him. You do not have to have experience of the war yourself but perhaps you have memories of your family's experiences, photos or documents of interest.

If you want to write it down it can be long or short and can include background, dates and places of birth, evacuation destinations etc. The Bangor area experienced bombing, had servicemen based here, are there any GI brides in your family, did you have an air raid shelter in your street or back garden, were any family members in the forces?

Contact Michael at the Northern Ireland War Memorial, 21 Talbot Street, Belfast, BT1 2LD for further information:

028 9032 0392 or 07588634847
Photo Feature
Seaside Revival Vintage Festival
Thanks to a donation from Bangor Historical Society, the Conversation Caravan was able to have a much needed make over, to allow it to be taken out at our Seaside Revival Vintage Festival on Saturday 6th July.
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