The 15th-16th April is the 80th anniversary of the Easter Tuesday blitz. Remains of Bangor’s public shelters can be seen today (below) seaward of Ballyholme Yacht Club. In his reminiscences Alderman Milligan stated that the Borough Surveyor Mr Croskery declined to order the sand as specified by Stormont but favoured another quarry. Allegedly Stormont figures also had quarry interests! The Bangor structures were very hard to demolish and many large chunks remain here acting as part of the sea defences.

Fourteen bombs fell on Bangor on 15th-16th April. Three members of the Grattan family, a mother and two daughters, were killed in Ashley Gardens. Margaret Watt was killed at 5 Hazeldene Gardens.

Robert Wright of Baylands also lost his life. It is actually likely he was in a house overlooking 5 Hazeldene Gardens as on 15 April 1991 a stranger called and told the couple residing there that he felt he had to revisit. He had been a baby in the room and a man looking out had been fatally injured. So his life nearly ended then.

The crater of the bomb which fell nearby in front of the golf clubhouse can still be seen. When a surveyor was inspecting the roof joists of a house in Beverley Hills about 300 yards away in recent years the slight misalignment was suggested to be the effects of the blast.